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Saturday, 3 December 2011

These 'Rules' are based on my personal observations based on two weeks of travelling through China on train. We had drivers in each city, so had personal experience of what it was like to be part of the traffic in each city we passed through.

Road Rules in China

1. The first rule is don't drive. Road signs are incomprehensible, and the driving even more so. Having got that out of the way, lets see what rules the locals seem to follow.

2. Don't stop at zebra crossings. Pedestrians will wait for cars to pass in the middle of the road until it is clear, and then walk. The only safe way to cross the road is to tuck yourself behind a local, and closely follow them.

3. Drive right in the middle of the road as much as possible, especially on blind bends on mountain passes.

4. Get in the correct lane as late as possible, preferably using the opportunity to queue jump.

5. Queue jump as much as possible. if you can gain three car lengths, do it.

6. Use your horn as much as possible, especially when coming up behind cyclists.

7. None of the above applies to cyclists. They can do what they like.

This video, taken from the Drum Tower in Xian, shows what is a very average interaction between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. There are cycle lanes, but at junctions cyclist have to take their chance with everyone else.

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