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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Public Toilets in China

Hotels were all okay, we were staying in hotels with Western standards. However, one cannot stay in a hotel all day. This one in Shanghai was one of the best. It was clean, there was a lip on the toilet which helps reduce accidents, and a clean sink to wash your hands in. But don't expect soap or toilet paper. The occasional Rest Room also had a hand rail to help you stand up again. Must have been the disabled toilet!
The second toilet in the video was on the boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo - I recommend you take a bottle of hand sanitizing gel to China with you and not worry about it too much! The view is too good to miss.
Toilets on trains tended to start off clean,but showed no sign of being cared for during the journey, which is not good on a twelve hour overnight journey.. There was a western style toilet at one end of each carriage and a Chinese squat toilet at the other end.
One rule that applies wherever you are in China is not to put paper in the toilet - the drains can't cope with it. That's what the bucket is provided for.
Hong Kong was the first place we smelt disinfectant, must be something to do with our decadent Western influence!
Interestingly, when there was a choice the Chinese prefer to use Chinese style squat toilets. They are regarded as more hygienic because there is less touching needed to use them. Seeing how most Chinese toilets are cared for I can well understand their reasoning!
We were presented with lots of helpful notices in case we were not sure about the best way to conduct ourselves. From what to do with our 'cast off' to looking after our treasures while we were in the washroom on the train.

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